One of the best sceneries you could see in your whole life is not necessarily found somewhere abroad or somewhere that necessitates a road trip- you could grow it on your backyard. Yes! That’s true. Landscaping and cultivating green lawns in your garden are some of the ways you could to on your own in order to create a scenic view outside your window. However, one thing that you need to have is of course, plenty of water.  

 Irrigation Sprinkler

The water supply is delivered onto your green lush of a garden through a system with sprinklers. In order to maximize its utility, you should be able to inspect these tools carefully before getting excited of your planned landscape.  


  1. Wait until Spring 

It is fairly important not to touch your irrigation system after the cold breeze of the winter has frozen. When you directly fill those pipes with water, it could cause them to flex and move along and moreover, when the soil is still solidly frozen, this could cause an imminent danger to your system. Know whether it is alright to fill them up by digging somewhere in your lawn for about 12 inches and check whether the soil is thawed. If it is, then you are ready to jump to the next. 

  1. Power Up 

Next thing you need to do is to check the component of your system that is powered by electricity such as timers or displays. If you have kept them and disconnected them for the winter, now is the perfect time to install them back and make some changes for the dates and conditions.  

You need to make sure that you have cleaned them well before using in order to avoid mishaps when you are on the process of installing. If they are battery-operated, make sure that the batteries are still functioning in order for the whole system to work.  

  1. Clean Up 

Regardless if it demands a whole lot of effort, you need to clean up your water sprinklers before installing and using the ground. These could be stuck with some stones or pebbles from the winter and when they are clogged, damages that are often serious could ruin your experience. Thus, you need to clean them thoroughly.  

  1. Valves 

Before finally filling up your system with water, you need to inspect whether the system’s valve is on set. When you are not sure how to configure its settings or you don’t know where it is located, one of the best ways to remedy this problem is to seek for professional help. If you want to hire a professional and dependable plumbing company, simply click here. 

  1. Let the Water Flow 

Finally, when everything else is set, you could now test whether your system is still working by letting the water flow. Make sure that you open the valves slowly in order to avoid too much water or water surge. Then, turn the water source off and go back to your sprinklers and pipes to check whether there is a leaking. If you spot a potential problem, stop the source of water and ask for a professional plumber to repair the damage.  

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